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Please read the following notes and intructions carefully. Once done, Select the plan you will like at the bottom of the page, to proceed to the registration wizard.

Buying Intructions:

At this time, we only support two payment methods. we are in the process of updating our systems to allow our customers pay via other secure payment methods,. we do apologize for any inconveniences.

Paying by PayPal: Please select "Paypal" if you wish to pay through your PayPal account when signing up. This gateway is not automated and activation may take upto 12 hours. Also subsequently, you will be required to pay manually according to your chosen billing cycle.

Paying by other Miscellaneous ways: For our customer's convenience, we do accept payments by Wire Transfer, Western Union and Check. Wire transfer is accepted only from those countries which are not barred by the US Govt. for doing business. Payments must be made for a minimum term of 1-year. There may be processing fees by any of these methods. For such sign-ups, select Check as your payment option and send an email to our Billing Department (billing@goshenhost.com) with your user name. We will email you with instructions on how to proceed with payment. Account will be activated only after receipt of your payment.

Other Notes:

VERY IMPORTANT - Your Email Address: While registering you *MUST* ensure that the email address you enter will not be hosted with us. Doing so will make it impossible for us to communicate with you in the event of downtime. Additionally after registration you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you never receive such an email, write to billing@goshenhost.com immediatedly with the username you registered with.

Trial Registration: To try our hosting services before actually buying it, select "Trial" when in the registration wizard. Please note that GoshenHost has taken comprehensive measures to prevent abuse of these scheme. For more on Trial Hosting, please read our pre-sales FAQ.

Multiple Pay Terms: Customers may choose between a yearly, half-yearly or monthly pay term. It is strongly advised that customers who wish to pay by check choose a yearly pay term.

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