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Web Site Design Packages
Our standard Web Site Design package includes up to 4 HTML pages and a contact page containing a form which your visitors can use to interact with you. However there are optional modules which you can add to make your site an enjoyable and complete application. These includes:

  • Discussion Forum:- A discussion forum will allow your members and site visitors to discuss online on important issues you allow. Users can be controlled and moderators can administer the forum. This is a very good way of increasing site visitors and promoting your web site.
  • Online Banner Advertisement:- This advance application will allow the placement of paid adverts on your web site, with the intention of generating funds for maintaining your web site over the years. The ad management software comes with a backend admin functionality allowing authorised administrators and advertisers to see detail statistics/analysis of hits and add/edit/delete banner ad campaigns depending on the permission level assigned to the user.
  • Photo Gallery:- A photo gallery affords you the opportunity to showcase important pictures/images on your web site. The application is complete with a full administration module which will enable authorised personnel without any prior programming skill, to add/edit/delete pictures.
  • User Poll/survey: An online survey will allow you to obtain the views of your site visitors. This is a very reliable way of targeting your services to meet the need of your clientele/visitors.

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