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Content Management System
We help our clients develop secure, robust and scalable Content Management Systems (CMS), which will enable you to update major areas of your web site content, including updating your What's New content online, as well as any page you wish to continually update, without writing any code, or without any previous web knowledge.

A major challenge for most organisations is how to continuously update the content of their web site without incurring major overhead cost or using the services of a skilled web designer/agency.

Each CMS is backed by a ecure admin module, which is only available to authorised administrators/editors with different access levels depending on which area of the web site they are permitted to work on. Full administrative rights is granted to your webmaster to allow him/her add/edit/delete/permit contents before they are published online, thereby ensuring content integrity. The webmaster/administrator will also have permission to manage the CMS users.

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